• Feather & Down Christmas Gift Guide 2020

    Feather & Down Christmas Gift Guide 2020
    Our luxurious gift range could be the perfect gift of sleep this Christmas. An aromatherapy infusion of lavender and camomile essential oils, our unique Sweet Dream Fragrance. These oils are proven to encourage calm and tranquillity to help aid a restful night’s sleep, we have five gorgeous sets to create the perfect sleep sanctuary. Limited Edition Pillow Spray, £12.50 Double your relaxation time with a supersized...
  • Wellbeing Product of the Month - September 2020 - Breathe Well

    Wellbeing Product of the Month - September 2020 - Breathe Well
    Those Autumn months are upon us, and so is the sneezing, stuffy nose and watery eyes that are associated with the colder, rainier weather. Colds, not surprisingly, disrupt yourbody’s sleep cycle and quality of sleep but, the silver liningto the sleep-cold story: getting more sleep can keep the colds away. Research has found that individuals who get less than seven hours of sleep are...
  • Make Sleep a Priority for Sleeptember

    Make Sleep a Priority for Sleeptember
    September marks the start of our annual awareness campaign, Sleeptember, and in celebration of the month, Lisa Artis Deputy CEO of The Sleep Charity lets us in on the secrets of a good night’s sleep… A good night’s sleep really the answer to feeling and looking your best. People go to huge amounts of time and expense to eat well and exercise regularly but...
  • Eat for Sleep - Part One

    Eat for Sleep - Part One
    We all know how refreshed we feel after a good nights sleep, and conversely how drained and tired we feel when we don’t sleep well. If one or two sleepless nights can decrease our ability to perform everyday tasks and induce daytime sleepiness, more than three days of sleep deprivation can bring more serious deterioration in overall health performance and mood. For something we...
  • Eat for Sleep - Part Two

    Eat for Sleep - Part Two
    We know that there are many different reasons for sleep disturbance meaning that there is no 'one size fits all' approach to improving sleep, but there are a number of things that you can do to help.  We have previously spoken about the 5 small differences you can make to your daily routine that can have a big impact on your night's sleep, for more information...
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