• Bedtime Blues: How Blue Light Affects Sleep

    Bedtime Blues: How Blue Light Affects Sleep
    Making time to unwind is incredibly important in getting a good nights sleep and creating the perfect bedtime routine before bed allows your mind and body to relax and unwind from the day just gone. As part of your routine, we encourage a technology-free break at least an hour before bed as well as making sure your bedroom is a screen-free zone. Why? Graphic...
  • Struggling to fix your sleep schedule?

    Struggling to fix your sleep schedule?
    More than half the UK population has struggled with sleep during the lockdown! (Source: Ipsos MORI 2254 respondents) With many of us facing financial hardship and living through unsettling pandemic and lockdown measures, two-thirds of the public have reported some negative impact on their sleep.  Two in five reported having more vivid dreams, feeling the need to nap during the day, while others are...
  • Guest Blogger - Lemonade Self Care Box

    Guest Blogger - Lemonade Self Care Box
    [This post was written by the self-care subscription box, Lemonade Box. Read more about their company at the end of this post and enjoy an exclusive, two month discount.] Before COVID-19, working from home was seen as a luxury. Now, with so many of us working remotely, all we want to do is escape these four walls and give our colleagues a big old...
  • Why Stress Affects Sleep

    Why Stress Affects Sleep
    Did you know, over half of adults in the UK sleep for 6 hours or fewer? Lack of quality sleep is a huge concern across the UK, and in the current climate, this will continue to rise. Depression and stress are common examples of health issues that can have a significant impact on the quality of your sleep. It is no wonder: you’re lying...
  • How to Create a Sanctuary for Sleep

    How to Create a Sanctuary for Sleep
    “How to create a good night’s sleep” is one of the most highly searched online sleep terms, according to The National Sleep Council, not getting your 8 hours can not only make you feel tired or fatigued, but it may also lead to general ill health, depression and even take years off your life! Creating a relaxing bedtime routine and taking a moment for...
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